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HP-250 CNC mortise

Product Name: HP-250 CNC mortise

18,000RPM direct-drive, high-speed spindle
Through HP-250 employees in Italy imports of high-precision spindle,
It is directly coupled to the inverter motor.

The maximum spindle speed can effectively reach 18,000rpm
Enhance processing efficiency and mortise completed.

    Two Clamping Mechanisms
  • This machine is designed with two clamping mechanisms, allowing for clamping
     4 pieces of wood at a time.
  • When performing mortising on one set of wood, the operator may clamp or unclamp
     wood on another clamping mechanism for saving time.
    Swing Clamps
  • The use of swing clamps provides fast clamp and unclamp of workpieces without
    Automatic Lubricator
  • The automatic lubricator provides automatic lubrication to ball screws and linear
     motion guides on three axes.
  • Equipped with advanced PC-based control.
  • Clamping 4 pieces of wood at a time.
  • 18,000rpm high speed spindle.
  • X, Y, Z-axis are all driven by servo motors.
    PC-based Control
  Powerful Functions
  Easy To Learn And Operate
The operator only needs to input angle and mortise sizes without need of program editing.
  • 15” colorful LCD touch-screen.
  • Windows CE operation system.
  • Equipped with mouse and MPG handwheel.
  • USB input function.
  • Internet transmission function.

 X-axis travel  2,500 mm
 Y-axis travel  500 mm
 Z-axis travel  150 mm
 X-axis feed rate  60 m/min
 Y-axis feed rate  50 m/min
 Z-axis feed rate  50 m/min
 Spindle speed  0~18,000 RPM
 Spindle motor (High frequency)  3.3 KW x 1 PC
 X-axis servo motor  安川 YASKAWA
 0.85 kW
 Y-axis servo motor
 Z-axis servo motor
 Table sizes  195 x 1,400 mm (2 PCS)
 Net weight  1,550 kgs
 Machine dimensions (LxWxH)  3,910 x 1,120 x 1,860 mm
 Packing dimensions (LxWxH)  4,900 x 1,350 x 2,060 mm
  • Machine specifications, sizes and design characteristics 
    are subject to change without prior notice.